Mowing Lawns to Hiking Trails: 5 Non-Profits Bringing Kids Outdoors

Spending time outdoors is essential for a child’s well-being. It provides them with fresh air, exercise, and exposure to nature, which can have a profound impact on their physical and mental health. Unfortunately, not all children have access to the great outdoors. That’s where non-profit organizations come in. They work to provide opportunities for kids to get outside, explore nature, and experience the benefits of spending time in the open air. In this blog, we’ll explore five non-profits that are working to bring kids outdoors, from mowing lawns to hiking trails.

  1. Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service, founded by Rodney Smith Jr., not only provides free lawn care services to those in need, but they also inspire kids to make a difference through their “50 yard challenge.” Kids who participate in the program are encouraged to mow 50 lawns for those in need. Once they reach the goal, the organization visits them to present a black shirt and a brand new lawn mower, weed eater, and blower. This challenge teaches children the importance of hard work, dedication, and service, while providing them with an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of seniors, veterans, and the disabled, all while spending time outdoors. RMWLCS is also a partner resource with I Want to Mow Your Lawn!
  2. The National Park Foundation: The National Park Foundation works to protect and preserve America’s national parks and ensure that they are accessible to everyone. They offer a variety of programs designed to get kids outdoors, including the “Open Outdoors for Kids” program, which provides transportation, meals, and equipment for underserved youth to visit and explore national parks. By giving children the opportunity to experience the beauty of our national parks, the National Park Foundation is helping to cultivate a love for the outdoors and a desire to protect our natural resources.
  3. The Sierra Club Foundation: The Sierra Club Foundation works to promote environmental education and outdoor experiences for young people and families. They offer a variety of programs, including “Inner City Outings,” which provides opportunities for kids from urban areas to explore the outdoors. They also offer scholarships for outdoor leadership training, helping to empower young people to become environmental stewards.
  4. Children & Nature Network: The Children & Nature Network works to connect children with nature by fostering nature-based learning and encouraging outdoor activities and exploration. They offer a variety of resources for parents, educators, and organizations to help get kids outside, including nature-based lesson plans, outdoor activity ideas, and research on the benefits of spending time in nature. By promoting a connection to nature, the Children & Nature Network is helping to create a generation of environmental stewards.
  5. Outdoor Afro: Outdoor Afro works to connect African American communities with nature and the outdoors. By organizing outdoor events and promoting outdoor recreation and conservation activities, they aim to inspire a connection to nature and promote environmental stewardship. Outdoor Afro is also working to increase diversity in the outdoor industry, helping to ensure that everyone has access to the benefits of spending time outside.

In conclusion, these five non-profits are doing important work to connect kids with the outdoors. From mowing lawns to hiking trails, they are helping to create a generation of environmental stewards who will value and protect our natural resources. By supporting these organizations, we can help ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience the benefits of spending time outside.