Community Onboarding

Partnering with “I Want To Mow Your Lawn” is a straightforward, four-step process. By collaborating with us, organizations can amplify their community impact, supporting the elderly, veterans, and other groups in need, all while promoting eco-friendly practices.

4 Steps to Onboard an Organization:

  1. Empower and Prepare Your Community

    • Share our mission with your community and encourage them to sign up at
    • Gather feedback to understand any specific needs the volunteers might have, such as rakes or leaf bags.
    • Educate volunteers on best practices. For instance, ensure rakes are not left on the ground, especially during distractions like texting, to prevent tripping hazards.
  2. Engage Supportive Partners

    • Consider collaborating with local restaurant businesses, who may be interested in supporting the mission. For example, they could offer discounted meals to volunteers as an incentive.
  3. Mobilize the Media

    • Engage local and national media outlets to spread the word about your collaboration, amplifying the reach and encouraging more community involvement.
    • Refer journalists to our news room
  4. Connect with Older Adults and Veterans

    • Use various communication channels, both online and offline, to share this initiative with senior citizens and their caregivers, ensuring they know about the services available to them.