How It Works

What We Do

  •  Free lawn mowing services for elderly, veterans, and disabled.
  •  Connects those in need with volunteers for easy, efficient help.
  •  Mission to inspire real-time change, supported by donors and partnerships.

I Want To Mow Your Lawn Inc is a non-profit organization that provides free lawn mowing services to elderly, veterans and disabled individuals through its network of volunteers across the USA. Our direct-to-consumer platform fields inquiries from clients and their loved ones, providing a valuable service to a growing demand in the market.

As we aim to connect those in need with available volunteers, it’s important to note that the nature of our volunteer-based model may influence the frequency and availability of our services. For a detailed understanding of how our service works and what you can expect from us, please refer to our Expectations of Service page:

This additional information ensures that our volunteers and those we serve understand the capabilities and limitations of our organization, fostering a harmonious and respectful partnership as we work together to inspire real-time change.

Our organization operates as a facilitator, connecting those in need with volunteers who want to help. We make the process easy by handling all the marketing and outreach, so all our volunteers have to do is show interest in helping their neighbors. We help reduce fines, provide mental relief and improve the appearance of yards for those who can’t afford landscaping contracts or do the work themselves.

We are a reactive service, with no contracts, and it is up to the individual volunteers to decide if they want to make recurring visits after a successful connection. Most of our helpers are not professional landscapers, but they have their own equipment and want to make a difference. Clients can reach us through voicemail, our website, social media or email. We use technology and part-time virtual assistants to streamline tasks and connect volunteers with clients.

Our mission is to inspire people to make a difference in real-time and promote the use of electric battery-powered equipment. We bring communities together while recovering from a global pandemic, and rely on the support of charitable donors, landscaping volunteers, back-office volunteers, new and existing partnerships, sponsor opportunities, and of course the people in need who we help.

👋  Latest request: Kim D, 61, of Wilmington, NC Needs Lawn Mowing,Leaf Removal,Eco-Friendly Pest Control,Trimming/Edging Help