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When you sign-up to volunteer with I Want to Mow Your Lawn, you qualify for Volunteer Accident Insurance, which helps assure all parties. We aim to make meaningful connections for those who like to do landscaping for others easy and comfortable -- instead of feeling awkward going door to door. Volunteers can earn equipment upgrades and raise funds to help fuel their operations while contributing to a greater good (like marathon racing but for mowers). We have mechanisms in place to market to our target audience and filter for those who genuinely are in need. We have put in the yard work and legwork to establish our brand - where you don't have to worry about all the marketing hoopla and focus on mowing and landscaping! Of course, we could always use help in other areas, bandwidth permitting.

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** Volunteers are background screened to assist with onboarding as well as to provide assurance to Clients they're in good hands! **

*** Did You Know That Volunteering Your Company’s Lawn and Landscape Services Boosts Employee Morale While Benefitting the Community? ***