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Mission Statement


To preserve dignityenable independence and build community by providing eco-friendly essential lawn service for the elderly, veterans and others in need.



Founded in 2020, at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, I Want To Mow Your Lawn provides 100% free lawn-mowing to people over 65, military veterans, disabled, and under-resourced individuals / families — with green initiatives in mind. For I Want To Mow Your Lawn founder, Brian Schwartz, laid off from a digital-advertising job, it was something to do, some way to help, at a time when everything in the world seemed upside down.

In time, demand grew — and other volunteers joined Brian. Currently, over 300 volunteers enlisted across 40 states have helped clean-up over 1,000+ yards. For the people that I Want To Mow Your Lawn is helping, the grass may not always be greener but it is cut, kempt, edged, and raked. Shoveled too!

Media coverage of the organization across the globe to date has resulted in six times more volunteer enlistments for the 2022 spring-summer season. As the organization continues its #MOWmentum , we intend to encourage use of battery-powered electric equipment — in an effort to contribute towards a cleaner earth.

Note from Founder

On a whim, I decided to create my own good news and start a FREE lawn mowing service for senior citizens, ages 65 and up, in Northern New Jersey. It kept my mind, body and soul stimulated helping others — while figuring out my own life. Mowing for neighbors is not anything groundbreaking but as I did it, I inadvertently found myself uplifting others across the nation at a time when they needed it most. I realized this thing is bigger than Lawn Care (a byproduct of our mission) and has a real opportunity to multiply kindness -and- simultaneously pursue practices that are environmentally friendly.

Soon after I was harboring a moonshot vision of helping people (and the environment) on a scale beyond just a small part of the country. This would mean getting other people involved — a board of directors, volunteers, landscaping companies, network partners, and donors, too. And officially incorporating as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Virus or no virus, people need this chore done; if they are unable to do it themselves (i.e. physically or financially), then they need someone else to do it. That’s where we come in! Our unique, centralized website platform makes these meaningful neighborhood connections easy and comfortable for both clients and volunteers. In a safe and secure setting, clients in need, their families and / or caretakers can book local helpers through our proprietary zip code search function -or- simply leave us a voicemail. Volunteers can share their own profiles, manage jobs, upload photos of yard work done and log hours directly in a customized dashboard.

 “Eco-Friendly” badges display on volunteer profiles who indicate use of electric.

It’s like an Uber for Landscaping Volunteers!

It just feels good to help out, to do something tangible that people need done and can’t quite do themselves, something straight-forward and clean-cut as newly mowed grass — contributes to everyone’s overall well-being. It really is helpful, it makes an immediate difference that people can see, and people are so appreciative because it is free, no strings, no small print and no paperwork at all. We come, we mow, we go.

So that’s the quick story. I Want To Mow Your Lawn because I believe that if you put some good out into the universe, it creates a ripple effect throughout space and time.

w/ son Dylan & Fisher Price Bubble Mower
In front of the I Want To Mow Your Lawn Trailer!


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Our grassroots movement consists of College Students, "Empty Nesters", Working Professionals, People in Between Jobs, Recent Retirees, Landscape Contractors, Charitable Organizations, Educational Institutions & Socially Responsible Companies -- serving on the Frontlines &/or Back-Office.

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