IWantToMowYourLawn.com Adds Tools Helping Seniors, Veterans, Disabled & Underprivileged Persons Receive Free Yard Care from Charitable Landscapers & Individuals

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Non-profit enhances site to recruit landscaping professionals and companies–and other philanthropic-minded businesses and individuals–on a national scale to help persons in need receive entirely free, safe, secure & socially distanced lawn care.

WAYNE, N.J.April 15, 2021 — I Want To Mow Your Lawn, Inc.—a 501c3 non-profit organization gaining quick ground for its work providing no-cost, tip-free and socially-distanced lawn mowing and other yard care services for seniors, military veterans, disabled persons and those in underprivileged communities—today announced enhancements to its Web platform at www.IWantToMowYourLawn.com. The reimagined site provides various user-friendly, completely free tools making it easier than ever for licensed and insured landscaping and other certified industry professionals, and general charity-minded volunteers, to actively participate or otherwise contribute to the cause: providing on-demand, no-cost assistance to those in dire need of lawn care help … and in a way that does not require contracts, commitments or fees to any party.

This organization is about way more than just free lawn mowing. It’s a meaningful way to serve a greater good.

With functions like zip code search for localized volunteer bookings, the simple and intuitive platform is designed to make booking yard care service with pre-screened and vetted providers extremely easy for residents. Client identities are fully protected from public view, as only the volunteer they select are provided the user’s contact information upon the approved direct booking. Both clients and volunteers also receive convenient scheduling reminders when their service date is approaching. IWantToMowYourLawn.com also allows clients to readily rate and review their volunteers.

The site’s landscaping professional and contractor profile page option also efficiently on-boards and integrates philanthropy-minded individual volunteer landscapers and licensed and insured landscaping contractors into the network. The exposure for landscaping contractors, who enjoy a shareable public profile URL, is commensurate with their level of effort. The more volunteer work they get involved with, they have a chance at ranking higher in the site’s custom search results for most completed jobs and highest completion job rate, resulting in increased visibility for their profile and company. The site also allows helpers to add before/after photo galleries to showcase their efforts. Volunteers can even opt-in to receive direct tips on their individual profile from others.

Extending well beyond yard care professionals, the platform is also designed to attract local and national companies focused on corporate social responsibility whose employees would be able and encouraged to volunteer, as well as recruit and engage with strategic partners to help proliferate the organization’s free yard care service in communities throughout America.

Of course, as a 501c3 non-profit organization, IWantToMowYourLawn.com is a donation-driven entity, and the revamped Web site makes donations and corporate sponsorships easy through a myriad of programs and transaction options—options that can work seamlessly within overarching senior citizen and military discount programs.

“There is a massive need for those who can’t afford regular lawn maintenance or don’t have the physical capacity to do it themselves, or who simply deserve overt recognition, so IWantToMowYourLawn.com was established to fill all of those gaps,” said Organization Founder and Chief Lawn Mower Brian Schwartz. “This is why that, in addition to serving seniors, the disabled and low-income individuals, we also expanded our audience to help out those who served in the U.S. Military as a show of thanks for their service in protecting our freedoms. This organization is about way more than just free lawn mowing; it’s a small but meaningful and easy way to bring the citizens of our communities—and country at large—together by helping our fellow neighbors. While the individuals receiving service are always appreciative, a clean-cut community contributes to everyone’s overall well-being—it’s a meaningful way to serve a greater good.”

Founded at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and headquartered in Wayne, NJ, IWantToMowYourLawn.com provides an entirely no-cost, tip-free and socially distanced service for those in need of lawn and yard help. What started as a one-man effort over the summer of 2020 to simply help local elderly neighbors has turned into a bona fide movement. To date, the organization has helped over 100 clients across six states with its network of volunteers. Not surprisingly, the organization has gained tremendous media attention—exposure the organization hopes will attract droves of landscapers, companies and individual volunteers looking for a simple way to participate in charitable causes and give back to their own community.

Media Contact: Brian SchwartzPR@IWantToMowYourLawn.com, 862-66-MOWER