I Want To Mow Your Lawn Receives $100 Volunteer Grant from Motorola Solutions

Thanks to Motorola Solutions foundation for the $100 volunteer grant towards our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Employee John H. of Motorola volunteered 10 hours over the span of a few days with our non-profit org a couple months ago out in Colorado and logged those official hours through Motorola Solutions foundation arm.

Backstory: Joanie is caring for ‘Kat’ who is the homeowner on hospice – in Westminster, Colorado. Joanie posted a request on our website at IWantToMowYourLawn.com and within a week, Jamie one of our West Coast back-office volunteers helped recruit a #lawncare volunteer John H and his wife.

Joanie was mainly looking for front yard mowing ….
BUT she also mentioned a tree was down out back (and they were quoted over $2,000 to remove the tree).
They were mainly looking for some cleanup around the tree.

John H and his wife had a meaningful day this weekend on Saturday working on this property. John mentioned “the caretaker is a really nice person and was happy to help (my wife too).” …”We were able to deal with the broken tree limbs, so they can now get around in the back yard, etc.”
“We did a lot of general yard work and I now think they are set for a while. I will check back with the caretaker in a week or two and come back as needed until our winter comes (and it all goes dormant).”
“We need rain here or they need sprinklers, but it is better.”

John was able to snag some before and after photos of the work but not all encompassing including the tree area cleanup out back . “The biggest difference was the backyard (tree) and I have no pictures of it at all.”
“It is great what you guys have organized, and I am glad I could help.”

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