I Want to Mow Your Lawn, Inc. Partners with Google Expert and Ukrainian Web Development Company for Tech Transformation


We are pleased to announce that I Want to Mow Your Lawn, Inc. has recently partnered with SPLIT Development, LLC, a web development company based in Ukraine. We received invaluable help from a Google Design Expert who works for Google Translate in Interaction Design, and together with Split Dev, we have implemented several key improvements to our website, including a navigation update, volunteer workflow, qualifying mechanisms, usability, and mobile responsiveness.

Our decision to partner with Split Dev not only aligns with our mission of improving technology, but also demonstrates our support for the people and country of Ukraine during these challenging times. We recognize the complex situation in Ukraine and aim to contribute to the development and growth of Ukraine’s technology sector, while providing economic opportunities and support to their local community.

We are excited about this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on our organization and the people of Ukraine. Thank you for your continued support!