Thank you for placing your trust in our mission and reaching out to I Want To Mow Your Lawn. We have successfully received your request and are actively working to find a local volunteer match. Our mission is to preserve dignity, promote independence, and foster community through eco-friendly lawn services for older adults, veterans, and those in need.

Confirmation of Your Request: We are committed to finding a volunteer in your area as promptly as possible. However, please be prepared for a waiting period that could vary from the next business day to several weeks. In some instances, finding a match may not be possible. Rest assured, we are utilizing our resources efficiently and value your patience and understanding during this time.

About Us: I Want To Mow Your Lawn a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, thrives on compassion and voluntary support, not financial compensation. Our dedicated team works tirelessly, supported by the generosity of volunteers and donors, without any expectation of salaries. The increasing volume of requests underscores the community's need for our services, and we are addressing them as swiftly as our resources allow.

Help Us Help You: You can play a crucial role in supporting our mission:

Pay it Forward: Every $5 donation enables us to mow a lawn for someone in need. Consider contributing to sustain our community services. Your support ensures we can continue making a difference. To make a donation, please visit our Donation Form. Please note: Donations do not affect service priority. Click here to make a contribution!

"Sell for Good" on Nextdoor: While our services are free and donations never influence the priority or guarantee of service, you can support us creatively. Sell personal items like electronics or antiques on Nextdoor and opt to donate a portion of the proceeds to I Want To Mow Your Lawn Inc. through the PayPal Giving Fund. Learn more about Sell for Good here.

Community Engagement: Leverage the Nextdoor app to connect with neighbors and share your need for services. Highlight the benefits of collaborating with I Want To Mow Your Lawn, a charity providing essential support like volunteer accident insurance, marketing assistance, and potential equipment upgrades for regular volunteers. Explore Nextdoor.

To review your request status or make adjustments, please log in here. For immediate inquiries, feel free to leave a voicemail at (862) 66-MOWER.

We are grateful for your support and patience.