Green Spaces for All: How These Five Non-Profits are Making a Difference

Access to green spaces is essential for the health and well-being of both people and the environment. Green spaces provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, community engagement, and the preservation of natural habitats. However, not all communities have equal access to green spaces, which is where non-profit organizations come in. We’ve compiled a list of five non-profit organizations that are doing great work in the realm of green spaces.

  1. Project EverGreenAn official partner of I Want To Mow Your Lawn, Project EverGreen is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and preserving green spaces in urban and suburban areas. Their mission is to create a healthy planet by creating green spaces for all. They work with communities to create green spaces, provide education and resources for lawn care, and offer support for active military families. The organization has also launched the GreenCare for Troops program, which provides free lawn and landscape services for military families. Read more about our alliance here:

  2. The Trust for Public Land – A non-profit organization that aims to create parks and protect land for people, ensuring that everyone has access to nature and green spaces. They work to create parks, playgrounds, and gardens in urban areas where green spaces are limited.

  3. American Forests – A non-profit organization that focuses on the conservation and restoration of forests, promoting the benefits of trees and green spaces for communities and the environment. They work to plant and restore trees in urban and rural areas, creating new green spaces and preserving natural habitats.

  4. National Recreation and Park Association – A non-profit organization that works to provide opportunities for all people to experience the benefits of parks and recreation, advocating for access to and the conservation of green spaces. They work with communities to provide access to parks, create new recreational opportunities, and promote the benefits of green spaces for health and well-being.

  5. FoodCorps – A non-profit organization that connects children with healthy food in schools, focusing on school gardens and edible education to teach children about the benefits of fresh produce and the importance of green spaces for growing food. They work to create and maintain school gardens, provide education on healthy eating and gardening, and promote the benefits of green spaces for communities.

In conclusion, these five non-profit organizations, including Project EverGreen, are making a difference in the world of green spaces. By creating new green spaces, preserving natural habitats, and promoting the benefits of green spaces for health and well-being, they are working to ensure that everyone has access to the benefits of nature. Through their efforts, they are creating a healthier planet for future generations.