Battery Powered Mowers Circling The Globe

Five Lithium-Ion Battery Lawn Mowers Circling The Globe Mowing Down Evergreen Green Grass that Grows Back On An Infinite Repeating Loop for nearly one hour! ~59 Minute + Scene in OUTER Space Wallpaper (View of North America / South America / Europe & Africa Continents + North & South Pole – Equipment Circling the GLOBE 360 Degrees )

Soothing Looping Subtle Screensaver. WATCH from Mobile or even Desktop — PLAY , LIVE CAST and STREAM it to ANY Device in and around your household bedroom kitchen or work office to your TV + Chromecast+Enabled Devices i.e. Google Play Screen – next to your nightstand or in your Garage! Or simply try it in “Theater Mode” while taking a restful break. IF you have YouTube Premium – Download It and Stream It MID-AIR in FLIGHT During Your Travels without Access to Internet or Wi-FI.

ONE OF A KIND ANIMATION Symbolizes an EARTH FRIENDLY Lawn CARING future where battery power will be prevalent. Some forward-thinking states in the U.S. are banning use of gas-powered landscaping equipment and others are expected to follow suit. All in an effort to achieve net-zero emissions and carbon neutrality. It’s only a matter of TIME for a changing LANDSCAPE!

🔖 SAVE THIS VIDEO ! It is FREE THERAPY ONLINE – AN HOUR LONG SESSION! Cutting grass In the real world is a form of therapy. NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS, WITHOUT HAVING TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. Hypnotic Animation! Therapeutic. Great for a screensaver or wallpaper – on your laptop or computer, or smart phone mobile devices.

This is Exclusive CUSTOM 3D Animated FROM SCRATCH ORIGINAL CONCEPT Artwork DESIGN Owned 100% By @I Want To Mow Your Lawn! – Support our GREEN #lawncare initiatives by SUBSCRIBING! SHARING! Saving! EMBEDDING! STREAMING! 🙏 2022 COPYRIGHT ~ I WANT TO MOW YOUR LAWN INC. ~ All rights reserved Learn more about our ECO-FRIENDLY 501c3 Non-Profit Organization I Want To Mow Your Lawn Inc. @



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